About Ed Stern, Leadership Development Coach

growI’ve been called a coach, an advisor, a consultant, a trainer, a teacher, a wingman, and a pest. I’m good with that.

I am a certified coach and I am continually supplementing my on-the-job experiential knowledge by diving into the latest research on leadership, change, organizational development, coaching, motivation, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I come to this work after more than three decades in the corporate world – the last twenty of which as the founder, chief writer, and creative director of an advertising and marketing company. My style is open and engaging. I listen deeply and believe I have a strong sense of intuition. I have great respect for what my clients are trying to do in the world and I believe they are the ones with the answers. Having said that, I also like to point out that I grew up in New Jersey! It means I am in this to make things happen for you and will do whatever it takes.

Today I have the honor of working with incredible leaders and dynamic organizations. What they have in common is an unending desire to be better. Better at what they do, better at who they are, better at how they lead, and better at how they show up every day. Greatness is not defined by age, experience, position, or diplomas on a wall. It is about going after what you want individually and collectively, even when it might be the most frightening thing to do.

Most importantly, I will be your biggest advocate. If you’re in. I’m in.