Leadership Coaching

coaching-For a moment of, “Seriously? I didn’t know that,” I thought I would share that the term coaching came from the idea that coaches in London are buses that take people from here to there. Coaching is about moving from where you are to where you want to be. I can’t document this factoid to be true but it sounds good to me. Nobody needs coaching. It’s for people who want to be better and who think life is too short to not go after what they want. I’ve worked with CEOs, directors, managers, brand new leaders, people in their first jobs. So many examples. Here’s one.

Amanda was introduced to me as a rising star. Good description. There were just a few skills that she needed to develop in order to thrive at the highest levels of her organization. Things like greater self-confidence, speaking in front of powerful people, and finding her own brand in a very competitive business. We did one-to-one sessions over the phone. Amanda’s in California. I’m in Maryland. After three months, Amanda won a very big promotion that was highly sought after in her company. After that I started working with two of Amanda’s reports. Good for Amanda. Good for her people. Good for the company.