Leadership Cohorts

The Other Stuff is an immersive leadership development program especially designed and built for those currently in leadership situations.

2StudentsFor information, we invite you to visit www.thisistheotherstuff.com.

There is no shortcut to developing the skills and competencies that make someone an effective leader. Every day brings new situations and, with them, new opportunities to grow and explore what, exactly leadership means. This program is called The Other Stuff because it emphasizes keys to leadership that are too often overlooked in today’s rush to make things more complicated. The Other Stuff gets us back to the foundational elements, the most important aspects of discovering why you want to lead and how to bring your best self in front of others.

This is not a 1-day, hope-something-sticks workshop. It is a six-month program that is heavy on experiential practice. The cohort is limited to eight people so that the attention is personal and every single exercise has meaning. We explore your leadership brand and style; ways to build safety and belonging; the key aspects of influence and inspiration; the power of coaching; the benefits to surrounding yourself with people who do not always agree with you; how there is something even better than getting your people to “buy in,” and much more.

Think about it. It used to be said leaders were born and not made. We now know otherwise. What’s more, the days when we would wait around for the right leader to show up and save the day are gone. There is no longer a smartest person in the room. We are smartest when we work together. This new dynamic requires a new generation of leaders to recognize when it is their moment to rise and, when it does, to be fully prepared to step forward. Whether you are leading a work team, a regional division, a nonprofit, a company, or a community, you are leading. Best of all, the same skills apply.

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