Organizational Development

What is the best organizational structure to adopt in the 21st century enCupidsShotvironment where knowledge is shared, communication is instant, and there is no longer a “smartest person in the room?”

It is a question you may be wrestling with at your company. Whether you operate in a traditional hierarchy or your org chart appears more “flat,” achieving better efficiency, spiriting innovation, and adapting to change are often determined by how everyone plays with one another. Developing a positive culture and building teams that are high on trust and see advantages in diverse perspectives are keys to organizational development, growth and sustainability.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Cupids’ Undie Run is a sophisticated and growing nonprofit that raises money for the Childhood Tumor Foundation. Part of my work with CUR is helping them achieve the optimal organizational platform; one that combines functions with roles and responsibilities in a matrix-like structure. CUR has the additional challenge of meshing a staff that operates virtually from different parts of the country and is also heavily reliant on volunteers, also spread throughout the U.S. It’s all about creating a culture of trust, mutual accountability, and shared purpose in an environment where information can travel freely up, down, sideways, and diagonally.
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