Is it all about driving, literally???

Ha. Good question. The answer is no! The conversations are specific to your goals and you set the agenda. Topdown is a critical context that frames my leadership and life philosophies. If we actually do get in the car it can be an amazing experience.

Is this “executive” or “life” coaching?

I don’t believe there is a distinction. It’s about making things happen in your career and your life. Sure there are different pressures and expectations depending upon your specific situation and that’s why no two coaching relationships are the same. But it’s all connected. Another Topdown client said it best. This one, a marketing executive: “I don’t just want a great work life, I want a great life.” Makes sense.

How long does coaching last?

Again, it’s different for everyone. I suggest a minimum of 3 months. Many coaching relationships last 6 months to 1 year. After that, we often schedule more sporadic check-ins.

How many times a month?

In most cases, coaching sessions happen twice a month. It’s all about what works for you. If meeting more frequently makes sense, then that’s what we’ll do. If regular telephone or email check-ins help, then we’ll do that. If you travel a lot and are extremely short on time then we’ll figure something else out. If there are specific time-sensitive goals that you have, we can make the coaching more intense – i.e. once a week for 12 weeks straight.

Are there specific goals and objectives?

Always. Of course, bigger things show up in the process of handling the specific. There is a very strong element of “in the moment” to this work, as well. You will get where you want to go, you just might not get there the way you thought you would. So bring your creativity, resourcefulness, and commitment. Just don’t bring a roadmap.

How do we start?

Our first meeting or call is the time to learn more about one another. We’ll take some time to cover important background, look at goals, and set the ground rules.

What else?

Of course, things flow top down. How you lead has an impact throughout your organization. People who show up engaged, energized, and positive have a much better chance of being effective leaders than those who appear uninterested, stressed, or negative. What’s more, an interesting phenomenon occurs when you lead from this new perspective: You enable bottom-up innovation. When people feel respected, heard, and part of something bigger, they participate more, contribute more, and fuel growth in a bubble-up kind of way. Ideas can come from anyone, but only in Topdown organizations do those who aren’t at the top feel empowered to share their thoughts upward. By the way, this is true for families, as well.